Guess what? Write 2B Read podcast is almost 1 years old and its birthday is on July 1st. I thought about how to celebrate that milestone and yes it deserves a celebration because I have super unstable personality and for me a year is quite long… So I thought what to do and realized that this podcast would not stay alive until now if not you – my listeners. And it became completely clear to me that whatever I decide to do should be done with you. That is why I came up with the idea of having a live Q&A hangout with anyone who would like to join me to celebrate together our podcast’s birthday.

I thought that it would be nice to finally get together and have fun. Besides I have never done videos before and most of you have only heard my voice, so this will be the first time I’ll quit my comfort zone and get on live video for you. You will be able to ask me anything you’d like to know and I will do my best to answer… but guess what? I don’t know everything so if there will be questions, which I don’t know how to answer I will either cover those in the upcoming podcasts or get a guest who knows about the topic ok? And maybe… I will also get a surprise guest for you. In any case I think it will be fun and I’d love to have you there.

Simply click here and register to the hangout. I will do the rest 🙂

If for some reason you will not be able to make it live – don’t worry. Make sure you register and I will send you the recording. 

Today I will have a solo piece and I’ll share with you my thoughts about inspiration and experiences.

We all had periods when we were not inspired enough. When we opened our computer screen and stared at it with no clue what to write about, or how to start what we thought about writing … as a result we got irritated, it made things worse and it is very probable that we gave up, shut the screen and left the desk… It has happened to me many times. And it does not feel good at all.

So where one should look for inspiration? Is it something that comes to you whenever it wants? Is that unexplainable muse controlling when and how you write? I don’t want to believe in that because as soon as I do I will feel as if nothing is under my control and I am not a writer but rather inspiration’s tool which it uses to express its thought…

Thinking back I realize that one can draw inspiration almost from everything. Life itself is a great source of inspiration. And I know what you might think – compared to all those books with amazing life stories yours might not be so interesting or so inspiring… and that might be true… but there are still ways even in that case. My life has never been dull to be honest and I’ve always been through different stuff which could eventually make a good story but I have not yet gained the courage to write about my life yet… at least not the way it should be written. But I have written about other people’s lives instead. My both novels Highball and Dreamdown were written based o true life stories, which later were modified into fiction. So yes, if at this point for some reason you don’t think that your life could be source of inspiration for your stories turn to other people’s lives. You don’t know people, who’s lives inspire you? Cool – pay attention to the content shared on social media, see what stories are in there and get interesting life stories from there. Or simply get out of the house, go to a coffee shop and while you breath in the aroma  and enjoy every sip – watch people. Watch them and come up with their life stories – who are they? Why are they here now? Where they will go after they finish their coffee? Who do they love? Why do they look sad or tired? What dreams do they have?

There is Benjamin Franklin  quote which says

I’d like to talk about the second half here – about doing something worth writing. I know that what I’ll say now may not be something you’d like to hear because we live in materialistic world and many prefer things… BUT my advice to you will be


Well I don’t know about you but although I love my Prada sunglasses they don’t inspire me to write. I simply enjoy wearing them. But on the other hand when I am making a short trip, or meet new people, or read a thought or feelings provoking book I do get inspired to write.

So if you think your life is not inspiring – make it become inspiring. Fill it with experiences – go ahead and create the life which will inspire you to write. Become one of those people who’s life stories are worth sharing with the word.

Well that was the dose of inspiration from me and before we part once more I’d like to remind you that you can join the Write to be Read podcast birthday party by registering at here.  I will be more than happy to meet you there!

Take care, have a great week end and keep writing!

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