Today my guest is Beren Hollins. Beren Hollins is a Doctor from Britain who now works in Canada. He is planning to publish his first novel later this year and with that in mind decided to commit to the idea of building an audience in advance. So he started The First Three Chapters Podcast.

His podcast features new  books and help new authors get visibility and gain audience. Beren reads the first 3 chapters of the book in audiobook format and lets his listeners know where they can buy the book in case they like it and want to read the rest.

In this interview we talk about Beren’s journey of becoming author, the plans he has about the launch of his first book this year, podcasting as a way for authors to gain new audience  and how you can benefit from The First Three Chapters podcast.

Hearing the words that you’ve written read by somebody else is just amazing. It brings it to life in a way that’s hard to describe. It certainly makes everything about the words you’ve written much more real.

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Beren’s website

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