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Today my guest is fiction author D. D. Marx.

She had a successful corporate job and was making great money, but was unsatisfied and unhappy. A while ago she found herself without a job and that’s when it all started.

She wrote her first novel, which is part of a trilogy,  was inspired by dear friend lost in a car accident 20+ years ago. Writing the book became the final healing mechanism to let it go.

D.D. decided on the names of the trilogy, book cover, her pen name and built out all her social media channels even before she started writing the book. That made her be already committed to the work.

D.D. is visiting book clubs and talks about the book.

Original Ideas

D.D. among other social media channels uses Pinterest to market her book. She has created boards for each character of the book and pins things that the characters could like there.

In the book the main character falls in love with a chef. So a real chef comes with D.D. to book club meetings and cooks recipes from the book.

Advice from D.D.

Stay committed to the process.

Surround yourself with like-minded people.

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