My grandfather was an astrophysicist and all my vacations (including the 3 month summer vacation) we spent at the observatory, which was in a mountains. It was a beautiful quite place, where at nights stars were closer to you than anywhere else. I was fortunate to grow surrounded by nature, fruits from my grandfather’s garden and fresh air that had nothing in common with the toxic asphalt scented air we breath in the city.

Needless to say that we spent most of our time playing outside… We were careless and happy.

I remember that in those times we loved challenging each other. And it seemed like I was the one who would always accept the challenge.

If someone (especially a boy) told me you can’t do… something, like climb on the highest branch of the tree, or jump down from a wall, or ride the bicycle hands free, or anything else – my first reaction was immediately answering “I can”.

I was not sure I could, but as soon as I was hearing that they thought I can’t I immediately wanted to prove them wrong.

As a result I had few triumphal victories by proving them wrong and also few bruises and bleeding knees when they were actually right…

Now let’s fast-forward many years. I am not a child anymore. Almost everything has changed in my life since then… but I still get different “you can’t” statements from people.

And we all do, right?

There will always be someone who will say that we can’t do something, or that we have to stop dreaming, or we should compromise or that it’s time to quit. They tell that you need to be realistic, that you need to be responsible and that you have to finally grow-up.

And every time that happens I recall those guys back from my childhood and I immediately want to prove them wrong.

Then I realize that

Because if I don’t believe in myself then even if others do nothing will work out… and just the opposite, if I do believe in myself – no matter how many people tell me I can’t – I still will do it and succeed.

So now when I get those negative statements I no longer need to prove them wrong. In fact I don’t think I have to prove anything to anyone.

All I have to do is keep believing in myself and keep doing what I think is right for me.

So if you have found your passion and if you have a dream and you have decided to follow them – go for it!

Don’t wait for permission. Don’t ask for acceptance. Don’t listen to what people think. They are not in your shoes – but you are. They don’t have the right to make decisions concerning your life.

Listen to your inner voice instead. Listen to your heart and what it tells you, because it knows you best.

You don’t need other people in order to gain self-confidence – you already have it inside, you simply need to tap into it.

So now, when someone tells I can’t – I smile to myself and think “watch me”, but I don’t rush and climb that tree like I did years back. I do it on my own terms, I take my time and do what I had planned initially and believed it would work out. And I don’t quit until it actually works out

Challenges are good – they keep you motivated and make you push forward.

So follow your passion, keep writing and when you reach where you wanna get send signed copies of your published books to all those, who told you that you couldn’t.

Meanwhile, don’t give up and keep pushing forward!

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