WriterBefore I became a writer my life was not as it is now. Things were different. Now my lifestyle has changed and looking back I realize that I have obtained new habits that are more common among writers. Life values and priority lists have been revised and changed as a result.

So what is it that most of the writers do? What is in common among them? What are the different facts we all share together?

I tried to come up with a list of things that might be signs that you are a writer.

1. You are avid reader

You read a lot. You read almost everywhere. Your book or ereader is always with you and you read in cabs, in the park, in waiting rooms…

2. You own many journals

You have journals of all possible shapes, colors and sizes. You have even more than you can use. And you love all of them.

3. You can’t walk past stationary shop

No matter how many journals you have you never miss the opportunity to check a stationary shop. And you always buy something from there. You just can’t resist that nice red pen or the cute notepad.

4. You take pen and notepad everywhere with you

You always carry a pen and journal or notepad with you. You never know when the idea will hit you and have to make sure that when it does you have a place to write it down.

 5. You have more books than friends

Maybe it sounds sad, but not to a writer. You are quite happy that way.

6. You love watching people

You watch them and try to guess who they are, why are they there, what’s there life story. You try to remember their looks. Later you use what you have observed to create your book characters.


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7. You listen to life stories and think about how to write them up in a book

You love talking to people and hearing their stories. Each story has the potential to become a book.

8. Writing is always in your priority list

When you have a list of things you have to do you prefer to make sure that your writing tasks are completed first. All other things annoy you, since they take you away from the writing.

 9. You love solitude and enjoy “me” time

I think John Irving has explained it quite well in here. Solitude and time spent with yourself is crucial for the writing process.

 10. You think about the book you’re writing and the characters no matter        what you do

I am living the book I am writing at that moment. No matter what I am doing in my everyday life the characters and the story are always in my head.

11. Spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes annoy you

These days you read from a different angle. Now you are pickier about the quality of the writing.

12. You hate any “real” and “normal” 9-6 jobs

“Normal” type of job is your biggest enemy. It kills your creativity and consumes enormous part of your day keeping you away from the writing.

 13. You listen to other people’s conversation trying to find a new story

When people talk in public places they usually don’t pay attention to other people. They are consumed with by their topic. If you happen to be around you can’t help but listen and use some parts later for your novel dialogues.

 14. You dream of making full time income writing

Since you hate the “normal” job and would like to have the opportunity to write full time, your ultimate dream is making money from what you have written. Like that people around you will also take your writing seriously.

 15. You hate editing

You adore the process of writing and coming up with the first draft but hate editing it later on. It is very unpleasant process.

 16. You have your personal list of things that boost your creativity

You have tried different things and know what works best for you. Coffee, booze, special soundtrack… whatever…

 17. You feel guilty if you haven’t written for a while

You really do.

Well, those were the signs I came up with, but I am absolutely sure that there are many other signs I forgot to mention. Please add those in the comments and let’s have a much bigger list at the end 🙂

    1 Response to "17 Signs That You Are a Writer"

    • Deborah

      LOL I see myself in each one!

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