Today I am honored to interview Chris Brogan.Chris Brogan is an advisor and strategist to professionals and owners. It’s business strategy meets powerful personal development.Through courses, consulting, coaching, and events, he blends clarity of vision with pure action.

He is the New York Times Bestselling author of seven books and counting. You can check out Chris Brogan’s books at his Amazon Author Page. 

Chris Brogan is also the CEO, publisher and acting executive editor of the Owner Digital magazine. 

Food for thought

The best way to grow a really big community is to be helpful to a lot of people and just repeat it many, many, many times.

Once you find a good path stay focused on that path.

I work priorities not time. Time never changes, it’s always the same, there’s always 24 hours.

Instead of being wanting to be a writer – write… and publish and produce!

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