Since discovering how to “hack” the publishing industry, Jonny Andrews has been known as the go to guy for author entrepreneurs when it comes to launching a successful business or books by leveraging the power of audience & Amazon. Here is the official version of who Jonny is: Multi-Time Best Selling Author, Publishing Expert, Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Business Strategies Consultant. The simple version of that is: He’s a really cool guy, who always says what he thinks and tells it with passion (as you can hear in the episode).

 Mentioned in this episode

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Food for thought and takeaways

You really have to ask yourself – what is user’s perspective on this?

Don’t ask yourself “how do I make money with ebooks”, ask “how do I provide value?” instead.

You have to understand that data represents the actions of living breathing human beings. They are not just statistics – they are people! You have to produce the book people want to read.

You can have ugly website just don’t have ugly book covers!

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