Jimmy Burgess loves my job! He helps frustrated self-published authors become Amazon Bestselling Authors and build a platform that turns their book into a business. 

In this interview we discuss how Amazon bestselling ratings work and what needs to be done to make sure that your book becomes Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Jimmy’s website Be More University includes useful information and free video training for self-published authors.

Make sure you  check my free resources for writers too.

Food for thought

In order to get results you gotta have a pattern, you gotta have a plan and then you gotta have the ability to hustle.

Amazon is built on momentum. It resets bestseller’s lists in hourly basis.

Amazon is in the business of selling books.

Useful Links

Rafflecopter (to create giveaway contests)

AppSumo (free plugin for optin form pop-ups)

Radio Guest List (to get interviewed on podcasts and radio shows)

KDP Calculator (to see how many average daily sales do the books have based on their Amazon sales rankings)

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