ideasHow many times have you been stuck? How many times have you realized that it is time to update your blog or start your next book but did not have any idea what to write about?

When you get to that stage you recall the unexplainable term called writer’s block and use it as an excuse. Well, I personally don’t believe in writer’s block to be honest. Even more, I think writer’s block have only the writers, who believe that it exists. I truly believe that there are always things to write about and you just have to look around and pay attention.

So where could you get ideas about topics you could write about? I came up with a list, which may help you come up with your own list of topics to write about.

1. Blogs

Look at the blogs in your niche. See which are the most popular posts there? What are they about? Write up a blog post about the same subject but from your personal point of you.

2. Magazines

It’s the same as for blogs. Leaf through magazine articles and see what you can find there.

3. Books

Both fiction and non-fiction books can be source of many different topics and thoughts.

4. Overheard dialogue

People talk a lot. Often you may hear different dialogues in the public transport, in a waiting room, shopping mall, etc. Pay attention to those and maybe you come up with a new topic.

5. Movies

When I get stuck, I dedicate the evening to a movie. It destructs me from the thoughts and anxiety that I am stuck. At the end of the movie something comes up and I know what I will be writing about the next day.

6. Forums

Forums are places, where people discuss topics they are passionate about. They share knowledge, discuss things and seek help there. I am sure you will be able to notice different trends, which you could later cover in your writings.

7. Art

All forms of art are great source of inspiration. Visit museums, galleries and exhibitions and get inspired.

8. Music

Not only the music inspires, but also song lyrics may provoke different useful thoughts.

9. Conversations with friends

Very often we don’t really go deep about what we talk with friends. Pay attention to the topics and friend’s talks. Be active listener and you may notice ideas, which you would not otherwise.


There are so many quotes about so many things these days. One short Google search will bring endless list of website, where you could see endless options.

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11. History

Different historical events and characters, may bring up

12. Travel

Changing the environment and seeing new things is the best way to come up with new ideas. A short week end trip or a vacation to foreign country will provide you with many topics.

13. Children

Children are the most creative people. Pay attention to what they do and say and I am sure you will come up with something to write about.

14. Dreams

Write down your dreams. Some of them may become part of a fiction novel later on.

15. Google

Check out what people are searching most. What are they curious about? What do they want to read about?

16. Freewriting

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Or simply open a word document and type. Write or type whatever comes to your mind, without thinking or going back and editing.

17. Brainstorm

You don’t need people to brainstorm with. You can do it yourself. Open a mind map and write down any ideas that come to your mind without filtering them.

18. Success Stories

Read different success stories. They all have many mini-stories inside, like background elements and details. People love reading about success and the fact that successful people are not superheros but people like you and me.

19. People watching

I often watch people and try to imagine who they are, why are they there, what kind of life do they have, etc. The guesses lead me to follow up thoughts and the thoughts may bring me to a fiction story idea or a blog post topic.

20. Your life

I am sure that if you look back to your life you will find many things to write about. Your mistakes, lessons learnt, your achievements, etc.

21. Other people’s lives

The same goes for the lives of other people: your friends, your colleges, etc. Recall the most interesting life stories and derive ideas from there.

22. Photography

Sometimes I come across photos, which inspires, provokes thoughts and tells a story.

23. Questions you’ve been asked

Recall different questions you have been asked recently. Each answer to any of those questions may become a potential blog post.

24. Ask in social networks

Just ask people. Post a question on your Facebook. Tweet about it. You can’t even imagine how many people will be willing to help and wrote you about different things they would love to read about.

25. Your previous writings

Read what you have written up to now. Maybe something will come up from there, who knows?

At the end I would like to share with you the interview with very talented fiction writer Neil Gaiman, who tells where do ideas for his books come from in a very witty way.

I wish you all plenty of ideas and a productive writing week!

    4 replies to "25 Places to Look for Writing Ideas"

    • Derek


      Great list.

      Ideas are all around us.

      This list also works for collecting ideas for podcast episodes.


      • Ani

        Thanx for the comment Derek.
        Yes I will come to it when thinking of podcast episode ideas 🙂

      • Ani

        Absolutely Derek 🙂
        will have to go through them periodically myself

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