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Imagine the following situation. You go to event with an author you really like. The event is very nice and you are happy to finally meet the author of the books you enjoy reading. Then, at the end, before the author leaves she/he is willing to sign books. Everyone rushes with their books and you feel confused,  looking at your Kindle. That is exactly what happened to Evan Jakobs. Since Evan is a software developer, who enjoys building web and mobile applications that help people personalize their digital experiences, he came up with the idea of Authorgraph. 

With the help of Authorgraph you can now sign your Kindle ebooks for your readers. It is easy and takes only few seconds.

It is also a nice solution for readers. Many readers tell that the only reason they buy printed books is to get it signed by the author. Now they can have their favorite author’s signature by buying the ebooks.

The service is free and it is used by 9,000 authors who have already sent out 130,000 autographs. You can get my autograph too btw. Simply click here and choose the book you want me to sign.

You can also connect with Write 2B Read listeners and me by joining our closed Facebook Group.

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