John Paul Aguiar is the founder of the Money Dummy blog. He is a Internet Entrepreneur – Social Media Consultant and Experience Online Marketer.

Within 11 months,  John Paul was making enough money online, that he was able to stop receiving his Disability checks.

He took that success and brought it to blogging and has used his marketing know how to build a very popular, successful blog with a total following of over 110,000 in less than 2 yrs.

John Paul was  #6 on Forbes Magazines Top 50 Social Media Influencers List in 2013.

Food for Thought

“Twitter is easy to drive results from if you use few things correctly.

Here is John Paul’s suggested formula:

While using Twitter be active and share content.

What content to share?

Your stuff + other people’s stuff (related to what you do) + 10-15% random stuff + little bit of you = Twitter success!

When you are on Twitter share great stuff. If people like what you’re sharing they’re gonna look at you and pay attention to you and start sharing your stuff.

You wanna be active and available on Twitter – answer to questions, reply to comments and thank for the retweets.

The only way to get people’s attention is with content. And the only way to do it is to have a blog where you put your content.

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