I’ve been reading a Lot these days urged by the need to escape the reality, by plenty of free time and having no better alternative I guess. Before one good book lasted 2 days… now it takes only 1 day to swallow, absorb and then analyze, sigh, cry and re-live the book late at night.

Last three books were all different, but all powerful enough to make me think, feel and visualize. Those were Eric Segal’s “Love story”, Yanush Wishnevsky’s “Loneliness on the Net” and Nicholas Sparks “The Wedding”. Maybe it’s strange but when it comes to emotional books I prefer reading male authors, because when I read something sensual, emotional & deep and I know it has been written by man, the value of the story rises in my eyes. In some way it’s my proof-answer to all those that romance does not exist, that time and marriage diminish love and that man are different, they just can’t feel the way we (women) do. If men can write those books, then nothing is impossible. I don’t believe someone, who has written a book like the above-mentioned ones can act differently in his real life. And as long as these kind of men exist, there is always a hope that life will be better. Maybe that hope will have better chances if those books were read by men too, then they could find out things, which we (women) can’t squeeze into their mind.

Maybe I tend to idealize things, maybe I tend to dream and maybe not always I am able to accept the reality, but when I read those books I feel stronger the emptiness of everyday life, senselessness of worries and arguments and the lack of intense feelings, overwhelming events and surprising turnovers.

We usually postpone everything for later and after, but we never really understand how precious the present is and how short and unique our lives are. And since life is short and years fly, maybe I shouldn’t spent too much time reading and better try to modify all those books and incorporate their stories in my real life? Maybe it’s not too late to put brighter colors, sharper feelings, newer sensations and unexpected u turns into my life. After all no matter where you are, how old, how tired, how misunderstood and how married, what will happen to you solely depends on yourself.

Meanwhile, if you, like me, love reading in quite winter evenings next to the fireplace and enjoy good quality writing with individual style, you can get the books and follow the path to brighter place called Love. After all when one finds that place, nothing else matters!

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