I was not psychologically ready to watch the movie, but I cameacross it when it had just started and could not get away…
This will not be a classical review; rather it will reflect the feelings and thoughts it provoked.
First of all these type of movies make me think that no matter how rare I really feel it, but my husband is right telling that maybe we are not young anymore… The good thing is that I feel it only when I watch similar movies or recall my past.
The film was vividly illustrating the light, careless and independent days that only young people can have. It showed how important is the ”here and now” concept, since there are things which if you did not do ”then” you will most probably never do again anymore…
Have you ever thought what happens with the fear? I mean, when we were young we did not know what that feeling was about and were completely fearless and bold. Where does it come from and why? It’s as if is waiting for you to become certain age and it visits you and stays from then on, saving you from any risky activities and acts.
It is not even about romance or love, it’s about pure happiness. Happiness which seemed so perfect that I was sure that a price will have to be paid. The movie was a good one, which means that the end was not happy. Somehow most of the great movies I have seen so far do not have happy ends and maybe that is their strength. Those films do not feed you with the lies of ”happily ever after”, because they are the reflection of the reality and not a fairy tale for naive children.
What irritates at the end is that one person has made a decision for two. And that one person was inexperienced and stupid… and the decision was so very wrong. But then again, that’s the drawback of being young I guess.
After all one reaches the 3 metre above the sky only once and only for a short while. Even with the same person it will ever not happen again..
2,8 is closest you can get after your 3 metres once in a lifetime. If you have never been on 3 metres, you will never know that 2,8 is not good enough… but if you have been at your 3 metres, nothing will be good enough and you will feel it… all the time!
So it is just a matter of choice of your dreams. Either to be as high as very few have reached and then slap down on the floor from there but have perfect memories and uniqely intense emotions, or be safe and fly on average hight… If you do not have anything special you do not have anything to lose, right?
There is only one thing I can tell… the average hight has frequent traffic jams and car crashes, because it is pretty crouded most of the time !

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