Today I am opening a new page for the Write 2B Read podcast. Starting from today I will be featuring podcast listener interviews. This means that you will be part of the Write 2B Read podcast. If you would like to be interviewed for the show, please shoot me an e mail by clicking this link and tell me why do you think that you should be the one interviewed. This will help us know each other better and have a real-life examples from our peers.


Today I am featuring the first listener interview. I spoke to Thai Nguyen and discovered that Write 2B Read got really unusual listeners! Thai is a Professional Re-inventer: a 5-Star Chef, International Kick-boxer, Writer, Speaker, Huffington Post contributor and Mindset/Life Coach…

Now he also started writing his first book and that is what we will talk about in the interview. Actually Thai left everything behind and went to Peru in order to write his book. He will share his experiences, talk about his struggles and achievements as well as the future plans. We will discuss the process of writing the first book too.

You can get more details and interesting info on Thai’s webpage The Utopian Life.

If the reason you have not written a book yet is that you have doubts or you simply don’t know where to start, then I am here for you. Please check out my coaching page to see what I can help you with.

Please feel free to connect with me and other Write 2B Read listeners in the closed Facebook Group.


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