While writing give yourself space just to write and don’t worry about the editing. Chad Allen is a speaker, writer, blogger, and creativity coach. He speaks regularly on topics such as writing, the creative life, how to write compelling nonfiction, and how to blog a book.

Chad also serves as an editorial director for Baker Publishing Group, one of the most influential Christian book publishers in the world. he has over fifteen years of experience in the book publishing industry and has worked with many bestselling authors.

In this interview we take inside look at how traditional publishers work, how they pick writers and why do they turn down books.

Food for Thought

The most common challenges writers face these days are: 1. challenge with writing the book (need help getting started) and 2. lack of time.

It’s important to distinguish between the writing and the editing process and not try to do both at once.

Start with writing the book proposal.

We have to (as writers) reject perfectionism for the sake of productivity and creativity.

If you’re always editing your own voice will never have a chance to come out.

3 elements that contribute to whether the book is going to be successful (and what traditional publishers are looking for) are:

1. platform

2. concept

3. writing

The number 1 reason Baker Publishing Group (and most of the publishers) turns books down is lack of platform.

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