I met Steve at  Pat’s First Kindle Book closed Facebook group. The group already has over 8k members and Steve has been one of the most active and helpful guys in there.

Steve Scott has  built a reliable Kindle publishing business. Now he is making full time income with his Kindle books. He works on his business for about 15-20 hours per week and has over 25 full length Kindle books in the market.

In this interview we talk about how he has made it and what works best for Steve. What he shares is pretty straightforward and easy to implement.

Useful Links

Steve Scott’s blog – In his blog Steve covers his proven strategies for building a nonfiction Kindle business that generates a reliable income

Steve Scott’s Amazon author page –  you can find all Steve’s books there

The BookStrapper Guide to Marketing Your Book: Creating a Bestseller By Yourself

Pat’s First Kindle Book closed Facebook page

KDP Select program

Food for Thought

Before even writing the first book put together a lead magnet.

Have at least one platform – blog, podcast or youtube channel.

The best way to market a book besides the e mail list is to write another book.

Have at least one editor to look over your stuff.

If you’re getting started and you have no platform KDP Select is the best way to go. It offers a lot to new authors.

Steve’s strategy points

  1. Put out a good quality book
  2. Market to your e mail list
  3. Launch at 99 cents
  4. Produce books regularly
  5. create human connections, relationships, network and talk to people on 1 on 1 basis

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