Pat Flynn makes a living on the internet and considers himself the luckiest person on the earth. Through his very popular blog Smart Passive Income and his Smart Passive Income Podcast  he shares his experience and helps his readers reach their goals.

He was also from the very few people, who encouraged me to start the Write 2B Read podcast.

In this interview we talk about why getting laid off was the best thing that happened to him, why did Pat decide to write his first book Let Go, what were his challenges along the way, negative reviews and how he keeps his audience engaged.

Let Go was first published on Snippet. This is an app that makes it possible to create a book, which can integrate images, videos and social media. As a result readers not only read your book, but also get additional experiences.

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Important Announcement 1

I am super excited to open a new coaching program for you. You can get all the details by clicking this link. But if you want the short version then basically here is what it is about. Besides the encouragement and over the shoulder guidance, by the end of the coaching month you will have a clear vision of what kind of book you want to write, practical publishing and marketing action plan and an author website where your readers will be able to find you. Basically you will be all set for your exciting journey of becoming an author.

Important Announcement 2

I am featuring podcast listener interviews. This means that you will be part of the Write 2B Read podcast. If you would like to be interviewed for the show, please shoot me an e mail by clicking this link and tell me why do you think that you should be the one interviewed. This will help us know each other better and have a real-life examples from our peers.

Please feel free to connect with me and other Write 2B Read listeners in the closed Facebook Group.

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