The first 2 things that we need to do after completing the book is editing it and getting a book cover. If your budget is not tight, then you can hire a designer and get a customized and professional solution. But what if you can’t afford it? Well, even then I would not recommend doing it yourself or going to Fiverr. Pre-designed book covers may be good solution.

I made some research and came up with list of websites, where you can find professional and affordable book covers. I have created a free pdf with all the links and other details, such as price range, book genres, etc. You get the free pdf I created for you by clicking the link below:

Get Your Free Pdf Here

Since from the list I personally prefer the Go On Write website, I thought that it would be nice to talk to the person, who’s behind it.

That is why today I am interviewing James (aka Humble Nations, aka CL Smith). He is the guy that makes all the book cover designs and runs the book pre-designed cover websites Go On Write and Humble Nations. He’s been a freelance graphic designer for the last twenty-years, and he’s been designing book covers for the last couple of years.

In this interview James shares his views on book cover design, explains how he is creating those and what helps him stay productive.

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