Nick Loper is the founder of the Side Hustle Nation. It’s a community for aspiring & part-time entrepreneurs, who are looking to make money outside their day job. One of Nick’s side hustle is publishing.

In this interview we  discuss side hustle, entrepreneurship and kindle book marketing. Nick shares very unexpected and effective place to sell books!

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Don’t let your manuscript collect dust! Download this book and find your readers.

Side Hustle Nation (Nick’s website)

The Side Hustle Show (Nick’s podcast)

Nick’s Amazon Author Page



Kindle Countdown Deals

If the reason you have not written a book yet is that you have doubts or you simply don’t know where to start, then I am here for you. Please check out my coaching page to see what I can help you with.

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    2 replies to "How to Hustle Your Way To Success w/ @nloper"

    • Harshajyoti Das

      Hi Nick and Ani,

      Amazing podcast. It’s really amazing to see how nick has established himself as an entrepreneur. I had the opportunity to check out his latest course on udemy as well. It’s such a comprehensive course.

      I agree with Ani on what she said about inviting highly influential people to her podcast. Sometimes, we just have to ask them for it. You will be amazed how often they say “YES”. I had some similar experience while interviewing well-known names for my upcoming book.

      I am a regular listener to your podcast. Thank you Ani for inviting Nick to your show.


      • Ani

        Thank you so much for listening to the podcast Harsh! I am so happy that the content resonates with my listeners 🙂

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