nEXEqQKEveryone has a book inside. Many even dream to become writers and share that book with the world. Unfortunately very few actually do.

Some give up at some point. Others don’t even start.

Many don’t event realize what it takes to write a book. They have unrealistic expectations, which lead to disappointments when they meet with writer’s reality. They think it’s easy. But it’s not.

There are several things starting writers need to have before they take their first step to the exciting journey of becoming authors.

1. Know your why

You need to have clear idea about why you want to become a writer. I know that to some this question may sound strange. Of course you know why you want to do this… but do you? Every one has his own “why” and the reasons may be different. Think about it. What’s your reason?

Is it because it’s your calling? Is it because you can’t not to write? Is it because you have important message to share with the world? Maybe writing a book is part of your business strategy?

2. Time

The biggest challenge many writers are facing these days is the lack of time. And time is something you need to have in order to write. I believe that if we all look back at our days we will definitely find some time-killer activities like watching TV, being on social networks, etc. which can be replaced by writing. In worst case, we can always wake up a little bit earlier or go to bad a little later. So basically it is not about having time, but rather about making time.

I know aspiring writers, who write during their lunchtime. There are some who write early in the mornings before leaving for work. Some others do it late at night, when kids are asleep.

If you want to become a writer make sure you allocate time to write.

3. Patience

I know that writers are very impatient people. I am one of them. But I also know that it takes time and most probably one won’t become a famous writer with his first book. That’s the reality and we have to be psychologically prepared for that. Rushing things will only make things worse. So make sure to be patient.

There is no such thing as overnight success. It will take many nights.

4. Determination

Along the way there will be periods when you would like to give up. There will be difficulties that you will not feel like overcoming. No one’s path to success has been smooth and easy. That’s normal. You have to be determined to keep moving forward. You have to be determined to write every day. Writing has to become your priority.

You have to make sure that you don’t give up when you meet the first difficulty. You have to make a promise to do what it takes and t keep on moving forward.

You need to have the determination to succeed!

5. The Right Mindset

The right mindset is very important.

If you don’t believe in your future success no one else will. Do not concentrate on your writer’s doubts and negative thoughts. Believe that you can make it. Think that your goal is feasible, possible and realistic. And please don’t believe what negative people say. They have no idea what it is to be a writer.

We don’t pay attention to the above-mentioned point, but I do believe that they are crucial. Those are the components, which create the strong base for writer’s birth and development. Make sure your base is healthy and firm and you will be able to build on it.

    2 replies to "5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Writer"

    • Jan Koch

      Right to the point Ani!
      Starting with “know your why” is great, I learned that from Simon Sinek. Knowing why we do things lets us overcome barriers and work hard to reach our goals. I makes us likable for others with a similar goal or passion.

      I wouldn’t consider myself a writer, though I love to blog and have already written an 100-page eBook . I would love to write more, but it’s not my focus currently.

      My motivation to start the blog – and thus to start writing – was to quit my job as Business Consultant. I accomplished that in January ’14, so shortly I’ll celebrate my 1-year anniversary of being a self-employed web designer 🙂

      Looking forward to read more from you!

      • Ani

        Congratulation Jan! I am sure that being self-employed is many people’s dream 🙂 Thanks for commenting too!

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