Derek Doepker

 Derek Doepker is a multiple #1 bestselling author with books in the fitness, self-help, and publishing niches.

Through his courses – which include ‘Kindle Bestseller Secrets’ and ‘Hooks for Books’ – he has trained thousands of authors on how to write, publish and market their books successfully. He’s also got a #1 bestselling book called ‘Why Authors Fail’ that reveals the 17 mistakes that stop self-published authors from achieving success and shows how you can fix them.

In this interview Derek provide self-publishing advice and shares the most common mistakes that writers make.

Advice from Derek

Put yourself in the shoes of the book buyer. Imagine yourself going through the experience of buying your book.

Become very reader-focused.

Turn competitors into companions.

Tips for your book’s success

1. Grab attention (by the book cover, title and description)

– Paying for professional book cover is investment, not an expense. If you book does not have a good cover you will be losing out many sales or your book might not sell at all because of its bad cover.

2. Understand who the target reader is

– Look at the successful books in your genre. Read their reviews and find out why people liked it and what readers did not like.

– Survey people and find out what they need

3. Get guidance

Learn from people who are already successful.  Shortcut to success is seeking out mentors, coaches and resources that will guide you through the entire process.

Common Mistakes Writers Make

1. The wrong mindset

Many writers think about “How can I get value?” when getting into it instead of thinking “How can I give value?”

2. Perfectionism

Many writers spend years because they want to make their book perfect before it is published.

You can’t get a perfect book until you make imperfect attempts and learn from them.

3. Distractions

Many writers let themselves distracted often while working on their book.

4. Not following proven formulas

Writers either imitate what was done before (in a copy-paste style) or they get too creative.

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