I love the nights…

That’s when my creativity wakes up. It waits for everyone else to fall asleep to make sure that no one will disrupt its flow.

At nights my senses become stronger. The time stops, the reality disappears with the gone day and I have the liberty to be with myself. Some people are scared of being alone with themselves… but I rather enjoy it. I have grown to the point when I love who I am and accept all my faults, craziness and the fact that I am misfit for most places…

When I was young I had the need to be among people… but not anymore. Now I prefer sipping a beer alone at night, instead of the noisy pubs when there are many people, but you need to shout to be heard.

Here, at night, sitting and sipping beer there is no need for shouts… I can hear myself clearly… I can taste and appreciate every single sip of the beer and I can talk to myself and find the conversation interesting…

At nights the “fakeness” fades away. People who pretend all day being better than they really fall asleep. The makeup is removed, the masks are taken off… and everything gets back to where it started from.

In the morning it will all come back… but not just yet. I still have the time between now and when I will be too tired and finally fall asleep, to enjoy the moment.
Dark sky, empty street seen from the window, the sparkling stars and cold sips of beer. What else can I need?

Oh and the keyboard… My fingers meet the keys and the magic of words start flowing. I type and I get liberated. Words flow and the weight from my shoulders lifts. Some of the things I’ve typed will never be seen. 

I don’t write for something… I am not looking for fame or praise… I will write even if I know in advance that no one will read it… I will write even if I know in advance that some will read but will completely hate what I’ve written. 

I write because I love the process of writing. It purifies me. It makes me feel better. It brings out the things that I am no longer able to carry with me…
It sets me free!

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