My today’s guest is Liston Witherill.

In 2014 Liston walked away from a CMO position at a $10M company to start my own thing. He was already totally booked in his consulting business two months before leaving. That is because Liston is a proudly trained conversion copywriter and he is no joke when it comes to sales. He spends most of his time trying to understand how people are making decisions.

In this interview we talk about the copywriting, as well as writing book description and sales page.

Below are just the few highlights of the interview. Yes, I do this on purpose. I don’t provide you with a transcript so you go and listen to the show.


Present the book in such way that it resonates with the people, who read about it.

With copywriting we always have a goal of getting someone doing something very specific.

Number one mistake in copywriting is that people talk about themselves.

The copy should be focused 90% of the time on a reader and what he wants.

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