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To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” ― Aristotle

In this episode I am talking about criticism and how to deal with it. Before I was also afraid to be criticized but then I came up with several thought, which made me think that criticism is not always a bad thing.

Below are the points that helped me accept criticism

1. It is not about you

2. You cannot have a look from the ‘’outside’’

3. No one is perfect

4. Chance to improve

5. Criticism as success indicator

6. Filtered criticism

7. Criticism as strong motivation

8.  For someone to criticize you, it means that he/she cares

9. Necessary criticism

10. Keeping the balance

Would love to hear about how you deal with criticism and what do you think about the topic in general. Head over to the Write 2B Read podcast closed Facebook group to discuss the topic with us.

Thank you for listening!

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