A bit of context for you

Admiring creativity and loving technology I’ve found my perfect spot at the crossroad of blockchain and marketing.

My passion for writing and online content creation led me to Steemit 3+ years ago and I fell down the rabbit hole. Since then I'm a true believer in DLT technologies and very enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies, NFTs & decentralized finance (DeFi).

I help blockchain companies develop their holistic marketing strategy and build a strong brand. I am passionate about bridging new technologies and their end-users. What I love most is growing a community of future users and turning them into die-hard fans.

Certainly many marketing professionals would argue but my previous experiences have proven that growing brands from scratch with small marketing budgets is possible. It’s not easy, but once you've got the right strategy enjoying the long-term benefits is a matter of time.

Blockchain projects will succeed faster if their founders, CEOs and CMOs establish their personal brand, since not many do that these days. So if you’d like to gain visibility in the space and build reputation, feel free to reach out.


Yup I know about niching down and the benefits of focusing on one thing but it's extremely hard for me to pick just one topic.

Being curious about different things is not bad actually. Thanks to my curious nature I was able to gain diverse experiences and be part of "trends" way before they became hot topics (eg. self-publishing, podcasting, blockchain, virtual events, etc).

As a result I am a brand architect, blockchain marketer, international speaker, podcaster, bestselling fiction author and startup mentor.

Some of my interviews, featured guest posts and all that fun earned media stuff is here.

I adore conversations

Speaking to cool people and sharing those conversations with even cooler people – what can be better?

More than 250 interviews and 600k listens later I still think launching a podcast has been one of the best decision of my life.

When I launched my first podcast almost 7 years ago I had to explain to people what a podcast was and why was I even spending time and effort doing it if there was no money in it... Fast forward few years and now everyone is launching a podcast 🙂

At the moment my main podcast is NFT Rebels , which covers topics from non fungible tokens to crypto art, from online communities to new ideas and impactful projects, from experiences, mistakes and memories to personal stories.


When I joined the amazing NFT community I had no idea that at one point I would create art and be minting NFTs too. But that's the beauty of life - it's unpredictable.

In collaboration with visual artists and musicians I am creating digital stories using my old poetry as a starting point. 

At the moment I am purely focusing on creating 1 on 1 NFT art, but who knows what else will be coming in the future.

If you'd like to check out what I've got so far - check it out here. 

I truly love the NFT community since it has brought me back to my creative roots and it's one of the most positive sub-communities in the whole crypto/blockchain space!


Writing fiction has always been my passion. I had different periods in life when I was bouncing from one extreme to another - from writing full time to not writing anything for years. 

But somehow life always brought me  back to it and it's always been part of why I am.

I guess the highlight and biggest validation I have received so far was Paolo Coelho publishing my short story on his blog. 

Many years ago (oh wow... about 8 years have passed already) I experimented with self-publishing and to my surprise 2 out of my 3 books became bestsellers... The fact that they are in more than 20k Kindle devices still blows my mind.

Sometimes I still put out some fiction and random thoughts in a story format on this website and you can check them out here.