FearofFailureThere was a girl, who had passion for writing. She started writing accidently. One afternoon she was doodling in the kitchen and somehow ended up writing a poem in about 10 minutes. It was a really good poem. Still is…

Then this teenage girl fell in love. She ended up having a long distance relationship and wrote more.

She spent the evenings in her room writing. The rock music was flowing into her ears and when raising her look, she saw her long distance boy friend’s photo on the desk. When she finished, she put the notebook back in the drawer.

No one read her poems.

Why? Well because no one knew she was writing and because she did not show those poems to anyone. She kept them to herself…

Years went by. Computers were born and with them her writing took another form. Now she was pouring out her feelings and thoughts in form of short stories and essays. Now, instead of in the black notebook she was hiding her stories in word document files.

She was her only reader… How sad is that?

For those of you who have not guessed – that girl was me…

“Have you done that too? Have you been scared to share your writing with others?

Why? What were you scared of?

That little girl was afraid of being judged. She was not ready to take criticism. She was not ready to share her feelings and thoughts she had poured out as words with others.

But you know what? I’ll tell you a secret.

Even if you never show your writings to anyone and they stay safely hidden until the end of your life, people will still judge you. People always do…

“People will judge you even if you simply walk down the street.

They will judge your looks, they will judge your clothes… They will judge the way you walk…

Does that keep you locked inside? No.

Then why should it keep your stories locked inside you? Why should it keep you from sharing your emotions, thoughts, talent, stories and passion locked inside?

Why should all those who deserve to read your writings lose that chance? Simply because few may not like it? Well, who is more important to you – your potential reader and fan, or a nay-sayers, who will judge you anyway?

Do you know what happened to that little girl? She ended up self-publishing 2 novels. Many read her… some judged her… but she’s going to do it again.

Do you have things you’ve written hidden somewhere?

Make the first step. Face the fear. Post them in comments…

You will be surprised how liberating that will feel!

    12 replies to "Are You Afraid of Being Judged? (You Should Not Be!)"

    • Amana

      Would I need say it took me a long while to equally share my thoughts.

      Indeed, the fear of been judged has imprison so many potentials.

      A nice and lovely writup, Cheers!

      • Ani

        It’s a pity, isn’t it?

    • Amana

      The fear of been judged as imprisoned so many talents not just in writting but in every sphere of living.

      Nice word of encouragement.

      • Ani

        Thanx for the comment Amana!

    • Lisa

      Thank you for this! I’m afraid of being judged, but I decided that 2015 will be the year I publish my novel. It’s been completed for many years, but I think fear has held me back. It’s good to know I’m not alone and you’re right! I’m going to do it. Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement.

      • Ani

        let me know if you need help or more encouragement Lisa!

    • Jan Koch

      Very important insights, thank you for sharing this intimate story!
      I’m still falling into that trap sometimes, even though “I’ve made it” and run my business.

      On the streets I sometimes carefully watch other people how they’re looking at me.

      This most often happens when I experienced a setback in life or business, when something negative happened. It cracks my self-esteem and I need to refocus on what I accomplished so far and what’s really important in life.

      Nobody has the right to judge others, we should all embrace our personalities without being scared to be critized. Hope this changes someday, posts like this do contribute to a better world!

    • Roger H Panton

      I am one of those who tend to share my thoughts in poems and ideas. I have done so via blogs (Ecademy.com) and Facebook.
      To be able to do so, you have to reach the point where you are just sharing. You will not be looking for comments. It is just out there.

      • Ani

        That’s a pretty nice stage you have reached Roger! and thank you for coming over and commenting 🙂

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    • Absurdist

      I’m glad you found your stride. Well articulated.

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