Well the summer is over and looking back I realize that the Write 2B Read podcast had a very productive August. I am almost sure that you have not yet listened to all of the interviews. That is why I decided to wrap-up the month of August and feature all my guests in here.

I, personally enjoyed recording every single one of the below listed episodes. All of my guests were amazing. They opened up and shared  their experiences, thoughts and tips with you. The intervies are packed with food for thought, inspiration and encouragement.

Check out the month of August all under one post, choose the ones you are interested in most and go listen with just one click!

Chris Brogan

W2BR017: How to Become NY Times Bestselling Author with Chris Brogan

Wood-and-Vale-14th-March-2003-Red-Wig copy

W2BR018: How to Get Your Book in Bookstores with Arvind Devalia

Rob Cubbon

W2BR019: How Writing Books Can Enhance Your Business with Rob Cubbon


W2BR020: Embracing The Darkside Of Self Publishing Success with Jonny Andrews

Tara Seine

W2BR021: How to Create a Laptop Lifestyle with Tara Ross


W2BR022: When and How You Should Market to Sell More Books with Jim Kukral


W2BR023: How to Publish and Market Your Books Without Breaking the Bank with Rob Archangel

Jimmy Bugess

W2BR024: Become Amazon #1 Bestselling Author with Jimmy Burgess


W2BR025: How to Sign Kindle eBooks for Your Readers

As you can see yourself from our conversations the most common advice is to just start. Make that first step. Write those first words of your upcoming mind-blowing book. I’d like to read it soon!

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