With each sip of beer a memory enters my mind … Memories,which have nothing in common,which are from different periods of mylife and which are nothing more than just memories. Most of them don’t come back to me while I am sober J
Sip 1
Tbilisi… Nice city… City where part of my blood was made. I can feel and breathe it. I can identify myself to it, although last time I was here when I wa
s about 5. Back then I was here with my parents and no matter how strange it might sound I felt that I would not come back in a long while. I am back now – almost 30 years later…This time I am here with someone, who has become part of me. Someone with whom we walked through pain right into Tbilisi…

Sip 2

Brussels… it’s raining, as always. I am walking down our street and crying. The tears naturally partnered with the raindrops. Few minutes ago I had a long distance call from the phone booth. It sounded like any other phone call I had made before, but my soul heard much more. I intuitively felt the reality inside and knew that it was over…
Sip 3

Paris It is late evening of Valentine’s Day. I am sitting on the window sill and looking at the Seine. Boats with bright lights are sailing up and down. Maybe that is the dumbest thing to do in Paris on Valentine’s day, but I am reading Shakespeare’s sonnets. Although I feel lonely, but still I feel certain that everything will be alright, because if what Shakespeare wrote still exists, then the world cannot be a bad place to live in.

Sip 4

Moscow... This is the only city I recall with disgust. I am 16 and very skinny. In the metro station a fat Russian woman pushes me aside and calls me a cow…Nothing extraordinary for Moscow, but enough for me to decide that no matter how long I will have to stay here, I will keep my interactions with this nation to minimum. As a result, the shop salespeople were the only ones I spoke to during my 10 month stay in Moscow… Never went back there since then by the way and hopefully never will! Although… I started writing there.
Sip 5

Plovdiv… One of my favorite towns. Somehow, after a certain period of time, this place had become home for me. It was the first place where I could imagine myself living for the rest of my life. It seemed that I fitted there, just like piece of a puzzle… perfectly. I recall the streets of the old town and how cozy they were. Have not been there since more than 10 years, but still recall the place with warmth. Hopefully I will go back there to my mixed teenage years someday…
Sip 6

Brno... I am going out in early morning winter cold and meeting my friend from school outside. We walk to school although it is still completely dark. Seems like late night. For the first time I am going to school somewhere where it starts at 7:30 am. For the first time I take off my shoes and put sleepers before I enter my class… Not the first time I am somewhere, where I don’t understand and speak the native language, but the first time a guy uses dictionary to let me know that I look pretty J I was 13 back then and not really pretty though…


Sip 7

Brugge… Maybe the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Belgian Venice… Have not been in Venice, but something tells me Brugge is better J There is something attractive and magical about it. It is winter, grey and chilly, but even the winter cannot hide the beauty and charisma of Brugge. I walk faster from my family so they get behind, because I want to feel and breathe the city alone, and share it with no one else.
Sip 8

Frankfurt… I am on very short business trip with my friend/college. We have full day trainings after which we have only 2 hours before the shops close. So we practice our walking speed, I wear out my high heels and we end up with overweight at the airport… Not very attractive city – just a business center and typical German thing, but we still recall it with a smile.
Sip 9

Varna… I am on vacation, visiting a friend. It is a tripto celebrate my break up and relax. With a small company we go to the best restaurant in Varna. It is an exceptional place, similar to which I have never seen before. The place is on a hill and the sea is below. There is nice illuminated pool. The castle is extremely rich, elegant and impressive, both from inside and outside. They serve with 18 century china and silver. There is helicopter parking outside. It is very quiet, nice and special.
Sip 10

Crete... island, which looks like heaven. The best family vacation ever. Sea, great hotel, wonderful food… It is a perfect escape from the reality. I adore Balkans!

Sip 11

Barcelona… It is our first honeymoon ever, 9 years after the wedding. And something tells me that if we had gone to honeymoon back then it would not have been as good. Perfect city, perfect man next to me, perfect hotel and perfect shopping… and a VERY special period in my life. A period of completely new beginning.
Last sip
Coming back to Yerevan… This is a place which I love leaving for another place, even if it is with the help of beer and memories.

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    • Aren

      С огромно удоволствие ,виртуално с всяка глътка успявах да се насладя на целият букет от усещания за различните места,които си описала.Попътувах чудесно!Благодаря ти за тази разходка!
      Анна Гагауз

    • Ani

      🙂 priyatna razxodka ! i jelaya mnogo realni ptvania 🙂

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