My brand new podcast is coming soon! The show will cover everything about marketing blockchain startups and closing the gap between the blockchain and user adoption.  

If you want a fresh (and controversial) perspective on fundraising, user acquisition and community building no one speaks about these days (yet) then you're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Ani Alexander,  blockchain marketer, international speaker, startup mentor, bestselling fiction author and a podcaster. 

I have been in the blockchain space for more than 3 years and I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. With this podcast I'd like to bring my share of value to the space and try to change the way blockchain startups view and approach their marketing.

What will you find?

New fresh perspective

What I have discovered in the blockchain marketing space is that everyone does the same thing over and over again. Although the ICO hype is long gone agencies and projects keep using the same tactics they used in 2017. We'll help you look at things differently and instead of copying and pasting what the crowd does do things in a different way and get better results.

More than blockchain

Blockchain technology is very exciting indeed, but there are many other aspects of the startup that you as a founder need to take care of. Non tech related topics (fundraising, recruiting, marketing, building your community, etc.) that will need to be addressed whether you like it or not.

And don't worry it's not gonna be yet another boring broadcast - the live stream element will bring in more vibrant feel and real time engagement and you could be both listener/viewer AND participant at the same time.

YOUR way

There is no one size fits all. I am not a "guru" who will tell you how exactly to do things. We are all different, our blockchain projects are different too so there is no one way that suits all of us. You'll simply get the best practices from different industries that could be applied in blockchain, the right angles to look at your projects from and the right questions to ask yourself in order to find the model that will work well for YOU and YOUR project.

Live session will also be structured in a such way that periodically you will be getting opportunities to ask specific questions about your project.


Let's be honest - entrepreneurship feels like a lonely journey With the time we will grow a community of like minded who are all passionate about the blockchain technology, want their startups to succeed and enjoy thought provoking conversations.

It won't be just the podcast - I am planning initiating different projects around the brand and there will always be something happening in the future.

Sign up now and get all the details once Blockchain Meets Marketing launches! 

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