Another episode of Crypto Talks This time my guess is Keir Finlow-Bates.

Keir is an inventor/entrepreneur with a specific interest in blockchain, although I’m named on 39 patents covering all sorts of things from databases, testing, WiFi, location and GPS, autonomous cars, and IoT, through to cryptography and data handling techniques. If it’s digital, I’ll study it and invent something new.

I founded Chainfrog in 2016 to produce innovative blockchain-based technology that allows real applications of blockchain to data management, and Thinklair in 2019 to manage my personal projects.

In this episode we speak about

  • Beeple’s and Jack Dorsey’s NFT sales
  • Reasoning behind NFTs high price levels these days
  • Future applications of the NFT technology
  • NFT and gaming
  • and much more

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