In today’s episode I would like to speak about the expectations that many blockchain founders have about marketing. 

If you have listened to the intro episode, you already know that in my job I speak to many blockchain founders on daily basis, which is why most of the things covered here will be based on real life conversations and work experiences I had with them at some point. 

Obviously I won’t be naming anyone, or sharing any specifics – but I assure you that the things I’m talking about are not just assumptions.

Ok, so you will be surprised but what blockchain founders expect from marketing, if generalised can be divided into 2 extreme groups. 

One group is absolutely convinced that marketing does not bring much value and that their product is so good that it does not need marketing. They look at marketing as something they simply need to do – just a box they need to tick from their to do list….

For the rest you’ll need to listen for the full episode 🙂

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