In today’s episode I am talking to Robin Schmidt.

Robin is Head of Video & Multimedia at The Defiant. For those of you who have not yet seen his videos, I highly recommend checking those out since he’s one of my most favourite and creative content creators in this space.

In this conversation we discuss various topics, such as:

  • NFTs, crypto art and the Metaverse
  • the relationship with the communities and how does project’s token price impact it
  • Robin’s creative process and how he approaches his video production
  • challenges of telling stories about blockchain
  • creator platforms and social platforms
  • Bitclout

Food for thought

You have to learn about economics. You have to learn about technology. You have to learn about trading. You have to learn how to separate good information from bad information and, and you have to learn how to manage your own emotions. Like all of these things are combined extremely difficult to do

There’s one thing that learned more than anything else when I went to work for a protocol.

I learned that nobody knows anything. Nobody knows anything at all. And like the moment someone tries to persuade you that they do, you walk away in the other direction because they’re wrong.

“…this is a great time to be alive because you can experiment with all these places and you can connect to the people who are building these things.

And you can talk to the people who are really pushing the edges of what’s possible. And then you combine that with a built-in distribution mechanism and a built-in audience mechanism is just like, yeah, if you can figure out how to tie all those things together, you won’t ever look back. It’s going to be fascinating

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