Ryan Hanley

My today’s guest is Ryan Hanley. He helps brands and businesses find their audience, tell their story and win the battle for attention online. He is also the author of Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating media in the effort to add value to an audience.

About building audience

It’s a culture of audience building. You are never not building an audience.

About your book audience

You don’t write a book and then go and find an audience. That would possibly be the worst possible thing you could do as an author.

About time

You never gonna find time.

Benefits of the Crowdfunding (besides the money)

  1. it validates the idea
  2. it activates the audience
  3. it is a good accountability tool

Drawbacks of the crowdfunding

With crowdfunding your core audience has already bought the book. So you have to sell the book twice: once to those who will fund your book and once again when it is published.

Those who back up your campaign will not be part of your Amazon sales and therefore contribute to your book’s bestselling rankings.

Good News

Ryan raised $10K with his crowdfunding campaign and it took only 147 people to fill that campaign. This means that you down need huge audience – all you need is couple of hundred people, who are willing to invest in you.

Useful Links

Ryan Hanley’s website

Content Warfare (Ryan’s book)

Publishizer (crowd-publishing platform for authors)

Book Baby (POD hardcovers)

CreateSpace (papaerback)

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