My today’s guest is Andy Foote. Andy is LinkedIn content and brand coach, founder of and creator of FOOTE-NOTES podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

  • how much has LinkedIn changed over the years
  • “overnight” success
  • what to do when you’re invisible on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn engagement pods
  • LinkedIn algorithm
  • how to succeed on the LinkedIn platform

Main takeaways

It is easy to find audience on LinkedIn but it takes time.

Engagement pods are against LinkedIn rules.

Re-purposing evergreen content is a good technique.

Posts have a life of 12-24 hours and later they are lost in the feed. They are like newspapers – they are read today and maybe tomorrow and later discarded.

Posts are effective because they are very easy to write + there is instant gratification in short cycle. 

LinkedIn articles are good for SEO.

Polls work very well. They don’t only get the click but they also get comments.

Food for thought

What is your story and how you develop and communicate so that it’s informative, interesting and memorable?




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