Eat love Pray – first everyone spoke about the book and the author, now everyone speaks about the film.

A woman in her thirties reached the stage when she lost herself. The story is about the long journey she took to find herself back. It’s a journey starting on the bathroom floor, where she sat and cried, unable to decide what she wants finishing in Bali, where she found love and found herself with it.

In between the two points, Elizabeth visits
Italy – where she eats and gets back her appetite for life
India – where she prays and gets time to spend with herself
Bali – where she slowly learns to get life’s balance and finally loves

These days many women, inspired by what they read or saw take the same route, visit the same places and talk to Bali’s wise man. What they don’t realize is that the journey she took was more within and inside, then the geography they are after. Going where she went, eating what she ate and praying the same prayer is not the universal remedy for thousands of uniquely damaged souls. People are different and their journeys should be such too.

One more thing that many don’t seem to realize is the amount of courage a person should have in order to seek change and make the required actions to realize it. It’s not only about the nice story, it’s also about how strong you are to make your own story, which will lead you to where you wanna get.

The main idea I had at the end of the book/movie was to make sure that the “eat, pray, love” becomes permanent process within myself!

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