Stefano L Tresca was employee #8 at Wind, a telecom startup company sold for $12.1 billion. Before joining this venture, he was a teacher of Italian for Koreans, a web designer, and an ice cream maker, just to name a few.

Bestselling author and passionate about travelling, he worked in over 20 countries, until he quit the corporate life in 2011. Today Stefano enjoys mentoring startup companies, writing and occasionally consults for corporations on innovation and investments.

Many years ago, he felt in love with the city of London, and that’s where he lives now when he’s not traveling. 

In this interview we talk about

  • how he wrote his book Future Cities that became a bestseller
  • what did the Amazon bestselling rank actually brought
  • the 50-50 rule
  • the hidden secret superpower
  • the mistakes he made with his very first book

Useful links:

Stefano’s book – Future Cities: 42 Insights and Interviews with Influencers, Startups, Investors Kindle Edition

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