In this episode I spoke with Luc Bohunicky.

Luc is helps startups find, keep and grow their first customers and users. He also works with tech leaders helping them look good in the process.

In this episode we spoke about:

  • The importance of the marketing involvement from the start
  • The need for the tech and marketing departments to work closely together
  • The role of the ego of the tech founders
  • How do reach out to potential early adopters in a right way
  • Non linear career paths
  • The value of (real) diversity and tech recruitment
  • Tech startup branding and the importance of building founder personal brand

Food for Thought

The gap between the techie and non techie people is gonna get bigger with the time, because technology keeps innovating more rapidly. And because it happens so quickly – the leaders are very tech and product driven but they have no idea of how to talk to the market.

Tech leaders are naturally agains outside help regardless the capacity.

There’s nothing that you can do to replace that direct intimacy that you need between the founder and the customers. You can’t outsource it.

Marketing should be more responsible in owning the voice of the customer than they are today.

Customer voice needs to be involved in the conversation before the product is built.

Empathy is the secret weapon in startup environment, in business environment and in life.

Hear what the customer says – and use it for your marketing communication copy. Often the best slogans and ideas come from customer conversations.

Think about and focus on your early adopters.

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