Today I am speaking to collector and a big supporter of the NFT artist community – Mentalist.

In this episode he helps new NFT artists understand

  • where and how to start their NFT journey
  • what are collector’s looking for
  • how to get collector’s attention
  • what to do when you get discouraged
  • what is gonna be big in the space in the future
    and much more..

Food for thought

If you wanna sell your art you have to put yourself out there.

The strongest element of the NFT is that as a collector you can have a 1 on 1 with the creator.That’s the biggest asset of the NFT is that you can get access and connection to the creator.

What makes art powerful is your thoughts and your feelings and not what you look like.

You can not hustle only about your art. 

Performance NFTs are gonna be at the top very soon – their value is undeniable. – musicians are crossing over, poets are crossing over. Spoken word is powerful!

The biggest incentive for me as a collector is the one that keeps me engaged with you as an artist with whatever you do.

Don’t forget about your collectors.

Don’t leave the potential collectors outside – make them feel included even if they don’t own anything from your collection.

If you have tried without success – take a break and come back again.You need a time to reset. Take a break, regroup.

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