My today’s guest is Dennis Moseley-Williams. Dennis is a keynote speaker, author and the founder Dennis Moseley-Williams Strategic Counsel. He works with small and medium size companies and help them become more profitable.

In this episode we speak about

  • The value of experience
  • The experience economy
  • Brand and commodities
  • Becoming the story everyone is sharing
  • Experience in marketing

Food for thought

All work is a theatre and every business is a stage.

Every business in the world can be broken out into brands and commodities.

Starbuck – did they reinvent coffee? NO. They reinvented drinking it. They slowed the experience down.

The experience has nothing to do with the good or the service. Starbucks experience has nothing to do with the coffee.

Customer is the product . The transformation of the client is the end goal – who do we turn our client into.

If you want to become the story that everyone is sharing you You have to be doing something nobody else is willing to do – generous human work.

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