For today’s episode I re-connected with JonnyAndrews.

Jonny is the founder of Author Platform Rocket, for over 14 years Jonny Andrews has been helping over 16,000 author entrepreneurs, including hundreds of USA Today & New York Times bestsellers, grow their audience and create sustainable businesses through platform development & advertising.

Few years ago I had interviewed him for the Write to Be Read podcast. Since then he has build several new businesses by cloning the author agency. Now he also has virtual events agency and spa salons business.

In this episode we speak about:

  • How to build audiences of buyers from scratch [5:27]
  • Virtual events [14:57]
  • How to adjust your marketing during the COVID 19 [20:57]
  • How to create a content that builds an audience [28:08]
  • Cold emails and their impact on your brand [43:44]
  • How do you choose a the right business mentor? [51:23]
  • Predictions for post coronavirus period [58:54]

How to start?

  • hard focus on one particular vertical in the range of markets you’ll sell to (you can broaden that later)
  • build big audiences of buyers
  • entertain them
  • build teams around it
  • create Standard Operating Procedures

Marketing at the times of coronavirus

  • don’t freak out 
  • think how you can become a resource to your audience
  • start having cool conversations outside “buy my stuff” them
  • figure out how can u deploy this conversations – as content that builds your audience

Food for Thought

  • These days it is not about content marketing – it is about conversational conversion.
  • Stabilize, optimize, expand!
  • You need to get front of people more than once.
  • When you start a new business you want to go to target rich environment.
  • Everything that you start is a hot mess.
  • There are no failures – there is only next!
  • The most important thing that you can do for your business is hire a mentor from the beginning.

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