Chris Marr

My today’s guest is Chris Marr. Chris Marr is a content marketer, blogger and podcaster. He helps businesses in and around Fife to embrace content marketing strategies and improve their communication.

He is content marketer, blogger, Director of Learning Everyday Ltd, Founder of The Content Marketing Academy and Host of The Marketing Academy Podcast.

Interview Highlights

Content Marketing: the ability to communicate with people without selling to them.

Go with the platform your audience resonates most and you feel comfortable with.

The best thing is to stick to one main platform in the beginning.

You can create community around your content.

It is very important to connect on a personal level with your audience.

Building audience takes time.

You don’t need to create more content. You can engage with other people’s content that is already there.

The mistake that people often do is they try to do too much. They get overwhelmed and spread themselves too thin. Because of that they do the next mistake and become inconsistent with their content.

The best way for anyone to differentiate is by being as personable as possible.

People remember the lessons through stories.

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