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Today I am talking to Bob Yeager. In 1995, at the age of 17, Bob Yeager was recruited from a local college to interview at a telemarketing firm called Dial America. Within two hours of the initial job orientation and with no formal sales experience, Bob was asked to head up training of over 30 sales teams across the country in his unique approach to selling.

This interview is long but valuable so invest 1 hour in finding out how to create an evergreen marketing campaign for your books!

Food for Though

It’s not about what you say about your book. It’s about what everyone else is saying before the book is even released.

Sales and marketing it’s now a community of people who are going to talk about this message together and they’re going to make a group decision to buy it.

Today what authors and marketers are doing is manufacturing media.

If you want exposure on the Internet then every day you gotta produce something.

Today’s marketing for everything you’re doing  – you have to put a face and a voice now.

You have to give people a character, a persona, a tone in a story that they can embrace.

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