Steven Aitchison is a personal development writer and product creator and he has been writing personal development products for his blog at for the last 8 years. He also has several personal development products helping thousands of people around the world:

more recently, due to the overwhelming success of his Facebook page at he was almost forced to produce a Facebook course showing others how to utilise the power of Facebook for marketing, promotion and engaging more with readers and fans at

That is why in today’s episode we will be talking about Facebook and more specifically, how can authors use Facebook to build and grow their audience, sell more books and make money!

Below, I have included several tips that we have covered, but I encourage you to listen to the interview, because it includes so much more…


Set up a Facebook page specific for the book you will be writing. Do that as soon as you get the idea for the book. The marketing should start before you even start writing.

Through the Facebook page you will be able to disseminate information to your fans and your readers.

Post image quotes 3-4 times per day. You can schedule that up to 6 months in advance.

To get likes for your Facebook page you can start by advertising by $2 a day and target your readers. You may get only 20 likes per day at first, but it will build up as a snowball later on. To get readers you can target the readers of Facebook author pages similar to yours.

You can also collect the information of people, who have visited your site and target those people through Facebook ads too.

Go through successful Facebook pages in your niche and see what their popular content is.

Also go through your page insights and see who your audience is.

When people comment, reply to their comments or at least like their comment. The momentum will build quicker that way. Besides, you’ll get ahead of the game cause most of the authors don’t do it on Facebook.

See what’s working best and do more of that.

Put links to the posts that have gone viral. Link those to your income streams to make money.

Potential income streams may be: Google Adsense on your website, affiliate links + sales of your products.

You may also send people from Facebook to your free product page in order to grow your e mail list. Bigger your e mail list – more products you will be able to sell to them.

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