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Today I speak to Kim Somers Egelsee. Kim helps men and women find their passion and purpose, develop and design it, forget the fear and move forward with positive communication, action, confidence and success. She does this through coaching, speaking, mentoring and consulting. Kim is the #1 best selling author of “Getting Your Life to a Ten +”, a multiple award winning inspirational speaker, life coach, hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, columnist and TV host.

In this episode we discuss how important being self-confident is and how much it impact the success we are trying to achieve.


If you are a loyal listener then probably you already know that the Write to be Read podcast is pivoting into something else and the new branding and name will be coming soon. All the details, explanations and answers are in a special episode that I have recorded for you. You can listen to the episode about all the upcoming changes here.

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I have created an online community of authors, coaches, speakers, online entrepreneur/solopreneurs and podcaster, who want to establish their brands and grow their online audiences. We are more than 20 already! Awesome people with positive energy and creative ideas. We would love to have you there too…

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