Today me and Kevin Field will be talking about podcasting, a topic we both are passionate about.

Kevin helps develop your podcast and get, keep and grow your audience.  He has been doing it for years in radio and now passes on his skills to podcasters. His experience has taken him on incredible journeys from recording at Buckingham Palace to creating content in prisons.

In this interview we talk about

  • how to choose the topics that your podcast audience will be interested in
  • creating your ideal podcast listener avatar
  • the 4 pillars of content (passion, money, health and transformation)
  • the importance of audience engagement
  • the importance of being yourself
  • using the language of the audience you broadcast to

Food for thought

You have  to close the circle with the listener – you + (your guest) + your listener

Want to Launch a podcast?

I will have a half-day live workshop in London on July 30.  I will share everything that worked for me to launch a top New & Noteworthy podcast, grow the audience from scratch to 15k listeners and interview my favorite international influencers.

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