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Today I am interviewing Katya Varbanova (Livestream Katya). Katya is livestream strategist and the founder of the Peri 10k. Peri 10k is an exclusive mastermind of livestreamers.

In this interview we talk about

  • how did Katya start her community
  • how to start livestreaming if you don’t feel comfortable about it
  • the difference between video and livestreaming
  • which livestreaming platform is the best if you want to build your audience from scratch
  • personality type vs livestreaming success
  • how to use livestreaming as part of the holistic content strategy
  • how often do you have to livestream in order to get traction

Want to Launch a podcast?

I will have a half-day live workshop in London on July 30.  I will share everything that worked for me to launch a top New & Noteworthy podcast, grow the audience from scratch to 15k listeners and interview my favorite international influencers.



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