Mark Dawson

My today’s guest is Mark Dawson – the author of John Milton series. Until recently, Mark worked in the London film industry. He now writes full-time and is working on three series.

I found out about Mark Dawson few weeks ago, when I read the article about him in Forbes. Last year Amazon paid Mark $450k. I tried to find out how did he make it and which were the main components of his success.

In this interview we you will find out

  • Where did Mark gain knowledge about self-publishing and book marketing  – [7:20]
  • When he realized that things start happening – [8:40]
  • How did Mark build his e mail list – [11:15]
  • How Mark manages to be so prolific –[19:10]
  • How Mark makes sure that his readers want to read the next book in the series – [24:30]
  • How to use Facebook ads – [28:00]
  • How long did it take Mark to become full-time author – [33:40]
  • Which is the most powerful marketing tool for authors [36:20]
  • How much money Mark spends to publish each of his books [39:55]

Useful Links

Self Publishing Formula (Mark’s free videos)

Mark Dawson’s website

The Self Publishing Podcast

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The Creative Penn podcast

You can get free audiobook here

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