Jyotsna Ramachandran

My today’s guest is Jyotsna Ramachandran. She is a stay-at-home mom and an online entrepreneur. Her kindle publishing business Awesome Life Resources has given her the freedom to earn a full-time income from home. Jyotsna shares her experience of building a home business through her book Job Escape Plan.

In a short period of one year Jyotsna managed to set up her Kindle publishing business, which brings her $4.5k monthly passive income. She has portfolio of 45 published books in 7 different niches. The most amazing part of it is that until now she had not even had written any of the books she published.

I tried to dig into the details and show you the business model she is using. You could go ahead and try it too.

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Kindle Publishing Business Model


  • Choose a profitable niche on Amazon
  • Research the bestsellers in that topic and see how they are selling
  • Read reviews of those books and see how to position your book differently
  • Hire freelance ghost writers
  • Publish the book
  • Have the book for free for 5 days (by enrolling in the KDP Select program)
  • Promote the free book to gain maximum exposure and download numbers
  • Get reviews
  • Correct the book if needed (based on negative feedback)
  • Have your book featured on Buck Books
  • Build e mail list fore each niche

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The team that is needed to keep the kindle publishing business going


  • VAs doing all the admin work
  • Ghostrwriters
  • Book cover designers
  • Editors
  • Narrators (for audio books)

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7 Steps to Start Business from Home, Grow It and Quit Your Job


  1. Get reality check
  2. Design your dream lifestyle
  3. Get into the entrepreneurial mindset
  4. Identify the niche you want to get into
  5. Choose the ideal online platform
  6. Get ready by investing time and money to learn the business
  7. Go ahead and start

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