My today’s guest is one of my best friends Julie Sheranosher.

Julie was a Captain in the army and had absolutely no choice but to get REALLY good with time management. She found out that she has a talent for understanding people’s needs and routines and matching them with custom-tailored time management systems that work for them.

Julie quit the army and became a Time Hacker, helping the highly successful entrepreneurs to reach the NEXT level. She has a blog, 2 podcasts, book and a whole bunch of happy clients.

Today we will talk about how to make time for writing every day and Julie provides us with practical tips of how to make it happen. Below are the highlights of the interview, but as always they don’t cover everything we spoke about. That is why I encourage you to dedicate about 50 minutes to listen to the interview itself and learn much more than I covered in the notes.


Time Hacking is all about finding how time can work for you instead of the other way around.

It all comes down to finding clarity, focus and priority.

Every single day you get 24 hours no matter what you did with the previous ones. It doesn’t matter if you’ve managed it well or not. You get a new fresh start.

There is no such thing as “I don’t have time”. Time is not something you have. Time is something you make.

If you want something to happen then you make time for it.

Multi tasking is basically doing more things slower. I am never ever busy. I’m always doing what is the most important thing right now.

I am never busy for anything because it’s always my choice.

Changing habits take from 28 to up to 32 days straight. And if you stop in the middle the counter starts from zero and you have to start over again.

If you can’t see results and don’t see early wins you won’t stick with it.

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