My today’s guest is Joe Bunting. He is a writer and entrepreneur. He  ghostwrites books for busy leaders. He also wrote a #1 Amazon Bestseller “Let’s Write A Short Story” and publishes the blog for writers called The Write Practice. He also founded Story Cartel.

In this interview we discuss different writer’s struggles and Joe suggests ways to overcome those.

Tip For Your Writing

Observe and try to describe whatever captures your eyes. Taking notes of what is going on around you. It is a good lesson in showing and not telling. Very valuable tip for your storytelling.

Biggest Struggle + Solution

The biggest thing that people struggle with is the ability to finish their writing.

It is important to give yourself deadlines and to break up your writing project into smaller chunks (chapters, section, etc.). It is so important to give you deadline that gives you focus. And the hardest part is setting the deadline yourself.

About Stress

Stress in the right amount is good thing – it focuses you and gives motivation.

We all need a little bit of stress to write well.

You do better when you write your first draft in short period of time. Sometimes we get too perfectionistic about those.

Ideas Vs Books

People think that an idea is all it takes to write a good book.

About Amazon Reviews

The best way to market your book is to get reviews. Amazon reviews do 3 important things.

  1. They provide social proof.
  2. They create “word of mouth” buzz (we are likely to buy books our friends are taking about)
  3. Right now Amazon algorithm is set in such way that the book with more reviews climbs the sales ranks faster than the one with less reviews.

Important Advice

Publish – put your writing out there! Until you don’t start putting it out to the world it’s very difficult to step into your identity as a writer.

Food for thought

Too many people keep their work locked away for too long.

Writers write for people. they don’t write in closets.

One of the best way to learn something is to teach.

The main thing he focused on was not selling a lot of copies but giving away a lot of copies.

The amazing part about launching a book is – you finally see how people are reacting to your writing.

They (ones who provide feedback on your writing) didn’t have to read your book. They took time out of their lives to read and that’s a gift.

Useful Links

The Write Practice (Joe’s blog for writers)

Story Cartel (readers get free books, writers get reviews)

Joe Bunting’s Amazon author page

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